Analytics for Investigation of Disease Outbreaks

AIDO (Analytics for Investigation of Disease Outbreaks) is a tool designed to enhance situational awareness of unfolding disease events. A library of over 450 outbreaks across a wide selection of diseases allows similar outbreaks to be matched to the conditions entered by the user. These historical outbreaks contain detailed information on how the disease progressed and what measures were implemented to control its spread, allowing for a better understanding of the context of similar outbreaks.

This tool was previously known as the SWAP (Surveillance Window Application).

Outbreak comparison

AIDO offers a simple interface for viewing and interacting with a substantial outbreak library spanning many diseases. Users are able to search across this library to find outbreaks similar to what they are facing, allowing them to quickly identify historical outbreaks that may be significant to the ongoing event.

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Outbreak comparison example.


AIDO provides a REST API through which external applications can run queries on our data. Currently, we provide access to our diseases, outbreak time series, and location hierarchy. Explore the API here.

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API call example.

Method of analogs

In addition to the library of historical outbreaks, AIDO includes a forecasting feature that makes use of the method of analogs algorithm. This algorithm uses the data collected for each outbreak in the selected disease to make a simple forecast of cumulative disease incidence.

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Method of analogs example.

Chart export

AIDO provides visualizations for much of the data it uses. All plots displayed in AIDO can be quickly downloaded in various formats, allowing them to be easily included in reports.

Example of exporting a chart.